The heart of a control panel is its ability to automatically start and stop a generators engine. This is accomplished by sensing when the Automatic Transfer Switch needs the generator to run. The Control Panel, turns on the fuel or ignition, and engages the starter. It senses that the engine has started, disengages the starter, and waits for the Automatic Transfer Switch to request that the generator be shut down.
Another critical function that the control panel can perform is protecting your generators engine. The control Panel can monitor critical engine functions such as oil pressure, and coolant temperature, and shut down the generator engine to protect it from harm.
The more advanced the Control Panel, the more things it can monitor. The monitoring of generator functions such as voltage, current, frequency, are all possible. Some Control panels have built in displays so that an operator can visually check on the generators function. Some have remote communication capability to alert personnel of a problem.
Some simple Control Panels can be programmed from the front panel with parameters unique to a specific installation. Most will require that a computer be connected to perform the setup functions. For these units we supply a cable and any manufacturer software as part of the purchase

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